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Mexican Catering Menu

We’ve got everything you’ll need to make entertaining at home or office a breeze!
Our party tray and family-style purchases are great for office parties, school functions, club meetings, holiday parties, tail-gate parties or anything you’re celebrating! We custom make every order – all we need is a day’s notice – a few more days for bigger celebrations.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus

    MEXICAN PIZZA (8 slices)

    A crisp flour tortilla layered with cheese, green chiles, tomatoes, onions, fresh guacamole and your choice of chicken or beef.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus

    PIZZA NORTENA (8 slices)

    Crisp flour tortilla with layers of seasoned chicken with our very own zesty cream cheese, tomatoes, onions and melted Jack cheese on top.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus

    CHILE CON QUESO DIP (Serves 20)

    Our very own spicy cheese dip with pimento, spinach and onions. Chips Included.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus

    AL’S BEAN DIP (Serves 20)

    Refried beans, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, green onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream, and guacamole.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus

    PARTY TRAYS (Serves 10-12)

    Al's Party Tray of Miniature chimis and flautas, chicken and beef, served with fresh guacamole, and spiced cream cheese.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    A seasonal selection of fresh-cut vegetables ready to serve. Includes your choice of regular Ranch or Jalapeno Ranch dressing for dipping.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    Fresh cuts of vegetables, seasonal greens, grated cheese, onion, tomatoes, and avocados prepared family style. Serves 10-12 people.

    Your choice of dressing.

    Case Ensalada (meatless) 55.00

    Taco Salad (Chicken or Beef) 80.00

    Carbon Salad Chicken or Steak 90.00

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    Al's red and green chili are perfect when you want to make your own burros. Both have distinctive flavors and are full of lean cuts of meat. Serves 10-12 people and comes with two dozen tortillas.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    Your choice of either chicken, ground beef, or shredded beef served with rice and beans, grated cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and soft tortillas or hard taco shells.

  • mexican catering menus


    Your choice of either smoked pork carnitas, grilled steak or chicken, or smoked brisket. Served w/ rice and beans, cheese, cilantro and fresh onion, corn, roasted salsa, and rice and beans.

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    Our best sellers can also be made for entertaining.

    Fajitas - your choice of Chicken, Steak, or a mix of both. Served w/ onions, bell pepper, guacamole, pica de gallo, rice and beans and tortillas. 140.00

    Pollo Con Queso - A crisp chicken burro w/ melted cheddar cheese and spiced cream cheese on top. Served w/ rice and beans. 125.00

    Al's Nacho Casserole - your choice of Chicken or beef, layered over tortilla chips, cheese and enchilada sause, topped with jalapanos, onions, green chiles, and tomatoes. Served w/ sour cream on the side. 45.00

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    Our pans of enchiladas and tamales are made fresh and are available in several varieties. All pans have 12 enchiladas and can be cut to yield 24 half portions.


    Green Chiles and Cheese 65.00

    Spinach 75.00

    Mushroom 75.00

    Beef or Chicken 80.00

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    House-made Beef Tamales 45.00

    House-made Green Corn Tamales 45.00

  • ajo al's mexican catering menus


    Pan of Rice 40.00

    Pan of Beans 40.00

    Pan of Calabacitas 40.00

    Pint of Guacamole 9.00

    Pint of Sour Cream 7.00

    Pint of Pico de Gallo 7.00

    Pint of Cream Cheese 7.00

    Pint of Jalapeno Ranch 7.00